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Discover the correct eyewear for your current sight

A lens for every type of vision

As the ocular industry continues to progress, so does the quality of lenses available to patients like you. Take a look below at the lens types available to you from Dr. Craig S. Dacales Optometrist.

Avoid glasses with a new pair of contacts

If you're uninterested in wearing a pair of fashionable glasses, trust Dr. Dacales and his staff to help properly fit you with an appropriate pair of contacts. Different types of contacts available for you include:

If you're looking for an optician in the Haymarket, VA area who's focused on providing you with the correct pair of glasses, contacts, or sunglasses, look no further than Dr. Craig S. Dacales Optometrist. Following a comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Dacales and his staff will be able to determine whether you may need one of the eyewear items listed below.

• Progressive lenses

• Polycarbonate lenses

• Photo chromatic lenses

• High index lenses

• Mirror coatings

• Anti-reflective coating

• Anti-scratch coating

• Standard prescription lenses

• Transition lenses

• Titanium frames

• Astigmatic

• Spherical

• Multi-focal contacts

• Single vision contacts

Frames for you and your children

At Dr. Craig S. Dacales Optometrist, you'll find a wide selection of frames that will give you the style and functionality you expect from a quality pair of glasses. Various brands we offer include:

• Ray-Ban

• Non-prescription sunglasses

• Juicy Couture

• Hackett

• Fossil

• Predator style

• Kate Spade

• Carrera


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